●    Ghettoblaster Magazine: “Video Premiere: Marion Walker, Patience, Atlas
            by Timothy Anderl, November 2017

●    Seattle Weekly: “The Top 15 Things to Do This Week
            by Sandra Kurtz, May 2017

●    “It’s possible that this is more than one song, but who really knows? Marion Walker plays an eleven-minute mass of music that all flows beautifully in a psych-rock haze. I’m reminded of shoegaze and hints of early My Bloody Valentine without the troublesome ego that permeated those worlds. Female and male vocals intertwine throughout to create otherworldly harmonies that captivate and enchant. Got it? Good.”
        Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll
            by Greg, July 2015

●    Mxdwn: “Marion Walker – ‘Serious Picnic’ – Bringing it All Back Home
            by Chad Gorn, July 2015

●    Culture Collide: “Tour Diary: Who, What, When, Wet, Wonderful
        with Marion Walker – Part III

            by MW, July 2015

●    “…subtle psychedelia, wonderfully placed noise, and abstract time signatures…”
        Jersey Beat: “The Quinlan Chronicles
            by Rich Quinlan, July 2015

●    “…it would be easy to become wrapped up in the electrically charged blanket they [Marion Walker] are wearing: it’s exactly what the listeners would want. …a unique dichotomy of high energy and sullen angst.”
        Innocent Words: “Marion Walker: Serious Picnic EP
            by Jeremy Wood, July 2015

●    “It’s fuzzy, it’s buzzy, it’s muscular, mysterious, and maybe even a little dangerous. There is a shiv hidden in this band’s glovebox.”
        News Whistle: “Music Is A Choice
            by Chad Werner, June 2015

●    “It’s grungy, cheapo garage that will put the world’s biggest little smile on your face.”
        The Stranger: “Marion Walker, Strange Wilds, and Dead Spells
            by Kyle Fleck, June 2015

●    “…gritty garage rock with serious psychedelic undertones. In other words, it’s riff rawk that never hesitates to wander away from aggression to meditative passages, be they early-‘70s doom jams, screaming guitar solos, or both.”
        PopMatters: “Marion Walker – ‘Serious Picnic’ (EP stream) (premiere)
            by Adrien Begrand, June 2015

●    “‘Silver Drone’ takes you on a guitar drone drive out of the belly of the beast toward the far off beams from an unknown daylight.”
        Impose Magazine: “Week in Pop
            by Sjimon Gompers, June 2015

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●    Ghettoblaster Magazine: “Unintentionally Math-y; An Interview with Marion Walker
            by Timothy Anderl, June 2015

●    “The album blends a postmodern revivalist take on psych rock with a brash punk attitude, but an aesthetic that is perfect for bopping around and chanting along to… albeit likely in a wonderfully divey locale.”
        Philthy Mag: “Marion Walker and Some Added Magic That Remains Unavailable in the Digital World of Sound
            Interview by Izzy Cihak, June 2015

●    “[Marion Walker] have created an innovative style of contemporary psychedelic rock that bridges the gap between good energy and alluring theatrical content…”
        The Aquarian: “Marion Walker: Giving Brand New Meaning To Artistry
            by Alison Graves, June 2015

●    Asheville Grit: “Psych-rockers Marion Walker Play Tiger Mountain June 6
            Interview by Lauryn Higgins, June 2015

●    Culture Collide: “Tour Diary: Who, What, When, Where, Weird
        with Marion Walker – Part I

            by MW, June 2015

●    “‘Seriously’ is a punk rock infused floor shaker with a pop underbelly reminiscent of Vivian Girls, complete with a call and response, sing-along refrain. ‘Silver Drone’ is, as you’d expect, a swirling psych-tinged whirlwind with a hypnotic, riff heavy dirge sitting resplendently at the eye of the storm. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”
        Killer Ponytail: “Listen: Marion Walker – ‘Seriously/Silver Drone’
            by Killer Ponytail, June 2015

●    “…purveyors of oozing, grinding psychedelia with droning masculine-feminine vocal harmonies…”
        Creative Loafing Tampa: “Noise Night at The Bunker with Marion Walker & others
            by Leilani Polk, May 2015

●    The 405: “Stream Marion Walker’s ‘Seriously’/’Silver Drone’
            by Matt Korman, May 2015

●    KTRU Rice Radio: “Interview with Marion Walker
            by Steven Powell, May 2015

●    “…this fuzzed out piece of proto-arena psych rock is an ep for a nu generation of headbangers…”
        Midwest Record: “Marion Walker/Serious Picnic
            by Midwest Record, May 2015

●    “[Marion Walker] created this rich decadent rock and roll vibe without being cheesy and rewashed. The lush, breathing guitar tones so easily nestled into the interesting but not overly complicated rhythmic work within the structure of each song. …[It] is warm, wet, and seductive.”
        Wolf Pack Radio: “New Release // Marion Walker / Plastic Caves / 7″ Split
            by Watson Meyer, May 2015

●    Exclaim!: “We Won’t Be in Love Much Longer
            by Sarah Murphy, May 2015

●    NewMusicBox: “We Won’t Be in Love Much Longer: Online Premiere
            Interview by Emily Bookwalter, February 2015

●    “Marion Walker create a spectacularly haunting mood on their latest single ‘We Won’t Be In Love Much Longer’. The opening eerie piano riff, ethereal tones and beautiful vocal harmonies are nothing short of stellar. The verses feature a slow paced cagey/psych feel and the choruses are doomy and bleak. The song builds up to a blistering guitar lead that fades out into a mysterious ambient drone. An impressive musical achievement to say the least.”
        Custom Made Music: “6 Records CMM Wants You To Know
            by Dave Allison, February 2015

●    “It’s fuzzed-out psych rock, with lovely, twinned male-and-female vocals buried in reverb and noise over country-like chord progressions.”
        Reno News & Review: “In Paradise
            by Brad Bynum, November 2014

● “Spotlight On The City: Reno, Nevada
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●    Reno News & Review: “Moving Pictures
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●    Reno Gazette Journal: “Local Artists Join Forces For Dance Film Workshop
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