Marion Walker/Plastic Caves Split 7″ Releases Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the release of our split 7″ with Plastic Caves!
Below is a sweet review to get you as hyped as we are!

“The first time I heard Marion Walker, I strolled in at the last minute of The Loving Cup and heard their last two songs. Those two songs were enough to get me hooked. The two main members of Marion Walker, Kyle Walker Akins and Jesse Marion Smith, had created this rich decadent rock and roll vibe without being cheesy and rewashed. The lush, breathing guitar tones so easily nestled into the interesting but not overly complicated rhythmic work within the structure of each song. There is no exception for the song on this split. “You Knew The Risk” continues the trend of oddly captivating song titles that I probably enjoy a little bit more than acceptable. This track is warm, wet, and seductive.”

– Watson Meyer, Wolf Pack Radio

Marion Walker/Plastic Caves Split 7"

“We Won’t Be In Love Much Longer” on Exclaim!

Today Exclaim! hosted the Canadian premiere of
Marion Walker’s “We Won’t Be In Love Much Longer”!!!
Watch it here!

“From artistically shot driving scenes to choreographed sequences set against the dark of night to a piano getting set ablaze, the clip brings together the group’s musical talent with their creative side projects like dance, sound editing and filmmaking. Watch those skillsets come together and shine…” – Sarah Murphy, Exclaim!


“We Won’t Be in Love Much Longer” Review

Kind words from Dave Allison at Custom Made Music:

“Marion Walker create a spectacularly haunting mood on their latest single “We Won’t Be In Love Much Longer“. The opening eerie piano riff, ethereal tones and beautiful vocal harmonies are nothing short of stellar. The verses feature a slow paced cagey/psych feel and the choruses are doomy and bleak. The song builds up to a blistering guitar lead that fades out into a mysterious ambient drone. An impressive musical achievement to say the least.”