Marion Walker is a Rock’n’Roll band of sweethearts with sharp teeth from Reno, NV and Seattle, WA. Their music is a head-on collision between doomy, bleak worlds and fuzzed-out, technicolor tones.

Formed in 2012, Marion Walker is fronted by Jessie Marion Smith (Saint Genet, Dead Bird Movement) and Kyle Walker Akins (Think in French, Yesir). They play in many different arrangements be it as a 2-piece, 3-piece, or 4-piece and are honored to have collaborated with such great friends/musicians as Donovan Jordan Williams (Spitting Image, Prescription), Clark Carvil Demeritt (Soda Jerk, Pelvis Wrestlies), Jeff Michael Mitchell (Ghost Shirt Society, Yesir, The Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps), Paul David Heyn (Rollin’ Hazard, The OK Hotel House Band), and Donald John McGreevy Jr. (Master Musicians of Bukkake, The Stares, Earth).

In June 2015, Marion Walker released their tape EP “Serious Picnic” on Casino Trash Records (Seattle, WA). In May-July 2015, they went on a full US tour in support of “Serious Picnic” and several other releases (including a split 7” with Plastic Caves and a 12” compilation featuring songs from 14 Reno bands). They are currently in the process of recording their first full-length LP.

Jessie and Kyle are working artists in addition to their musical pursuits. Jessie is a choreographer, dancer, and filmmaker. Kyle is a visual artist, sound engineer, and filmmaker. They bring their collective experience in these other mediums into every aspect of Marion Walker.

Jessie and Kyle are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and fostering an appreciation for the creative process. They developed an all-ages intensive workshop on making dance films and taught the first iteration of it in June 2013 at The Holland Project and The University of Nevada Reno. The workshop covered everything from choreography to video editing.  They published their lesson plan and teaching tools as open-source materials. Jessie and Kyle also recently formed Pleasure Fool Records to umbrella some of their other collaborative music and recording projects.

Marion Walker have been artists-in-residence at Center on Contemporary Art (Seattle, WA) and PROJECT: Space Available (Seattle, WA). They have also received funding from The Nevada Arts Council, The National Endowment for the Arts, New Music USA, and Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs Seattle.

* * * *

“It’s fuzzy, it’s buzzy, it’s muscular, mysterious, and maybe even a little dangerous. There is a shiv hidden in this band’s glovebox.”
– Chad Werner, News Whistle

“…purveyors of oozing, grinding psychedelia with droning masculine-feminine vocal harmonies…”
– Leilani Polk, Creative Loafing Tampa

“It’s grungy, cheapo garage that will put the world’s biggest little smile on your face.”
– Kyle Fleck, The Stranger

“…it would be easy to become wrapped up in the electrically charged blanket they [Marion Walker] are wearing: it’s exactly what the listeners would want. …a unique dichotomy of high energy and sullen angst.”
– Jeremy Wood, Innocent Words